Pondering Submission

I was given a blessing from God today.  For those outside of Christ, the principle of this will be silly or confusing, if not downright alarming.

This morning my pastor at church taught a Sunday School lesson on how we should dress for worship.  The lesson had a wide scope with a special inflection around both modesty and cultural significance.  Ultimately, however, I found myself lacking in light of the instruction.  As I sat there in jeans, a simple shirt, and sneakers, the message was given that we should dress with a reverence set apart from our normal daily attire.  In essence, I was rebuked.

Now my pastor is a brilliant man really.  He is not someone who serves up moralistic garbage just for a good time.  This is a man who pours over the Word of God with incredible care.  And he takes his calling and duty very seriously.  Not for a second do I think he taught this lesson for any reason other than it would profit us spiritually as a flock of Christ.

Yet as I sat there I disagreed.  In my own study of Scripture I could not reconcile what pastor was teaching as a biblical precedent for the church.

So here is where the blessing comes in.  God gave me an opportunity to practice submission.  My pastor has instructed and I have listened.  His understanding is different from mine.  We disagree.  But the Word of God is not in peril due to his teaching.  There is no grand doctrine at stake.  He simply exhorted me to take more care in selecting the clothes I wear to worship, to dress for a more important occasion than another day.  I must submit, for God has placed him in my life for this very purpose.

But that is not all.  Submission isn’t only about outside obedience.  That would not be genuine submission but only a worthless form of personal condescension.  No, I must thank God for this…and truly submit with joy!  This is absolute foolishness to those who don’t truly get the purpose of authority, I know.  Be that as it may, I am blessed beyond words today.

Slacks and dress shirt it is.  Thank you Lord.

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