Taking on the Institutes

Institutes of the Christian Religion by John CalvinAs this site is beginning I am simultaneously starting an 8-month study of Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion led by the elders of my church.  Though already quite familiar with the Institutes, this will be my first time plowing through from cover to cover.  With a busy family and work schedule, I’m expecting somewhat of a challenge.  And to be sorely honest, I do have a tendency to bite off a little more than I can chew at times.  God willing, I hope to stay on track.

Regardless, my thoughts and efforts at answering key questions along the way shall be posted here throughout.  This isn’t exactly the main purpose of the site but I’d imagine it will take up a good deal of it in the coming year.  Of course if anyone happens to be familiar with Calvin or is reading the Institutes as well, your comments are most welcome.

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